About Us

About us

Having worked in advertising for a number of years I found a passion for social media and love for networking and connecting with people from all over the world.

This love for networking and lead me to start working for my friend’s hair and beauty salon. I quickly found I loved this line of work. With my added ability to design adverts I found that more and more salon owners and other businesses alike wanted me to take over the running of their social media pages. 

Every customer I have tell me how pleased they are to spend the extra time on their business and customers. They enjoy the support and the fact they no longer have to spend time learning about online advertising in depth. 

Statistics show that one of the major problems with larger companies is the lack of customer service, we will endeavour to keep your customer happy, as a happy customer is a returning customer. 

Meet the Team

Ben, Head of Industrial.

Ben comes from a construction background with a passion for IT we are extremely lucky to have Ben as part of our team. you can be assured that Ben is the go to advertiser for all industrial clients.

David, Head of Technology.

David has no shame in saying he is one of the biggest geeks going. David loves to game and manages all our technology clients, and you can rest easyly knowing David can geek out as easy as you.

Lauren, Head of Lifestyle.

Don’t even get Lauren started on shoes and beauty she can talk for hours! Lauren runs our fashion, beauty and lifestyle customers. Lauren knows the industry like the back of her hand.

Aurora, Head of Admin.

Aurora is a super wizz when it comes to research tasks she is skilled with all things administative. There is no task too big or small that Aurora cannot perfect. Aurora prides herself accuracy.